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About Us

We are the best!

We are a web project development and implementation company, successfully operating in this business for more than fifteen years.

We create business management systems, e-shops, web sites, web design, and multimedia. We maintain and update websites and systems, and perform search engine optimisation (SEO). We develop logos, trademarks, advertising banners, applications for social networks, etc.

We offer highly qualified marketing services. Our specialist has more than twenty years of experience in marketing work with international projects and world-famous brands.

We are punctual, flexible, and communicative. We know how to find a compromise: we easily adapt to customer needs and visions.

We have a clear and reasonable pricing system. 

Our philosophy

We started when the importance of the Internet was still low. However, we assumed that the demand for Internet services will grow in  the future. We learned to create online shops, while they still did not exist in Lithuania. We were confident they will be opened one day. Increasingly more of them. We wanted to be prepared. And we proved out to be right. We always look only to the future. It is the driver of our business and our success.


Owner / Programmer
PHP [Symfony 2], MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, Angular, HTM5, CSS3, WordPress[Pro], WooCommerce, PrestaShop.


New Business Development Manager
Marketing Communications, Digital Strategy, Integrated Marketing, Creative Strategy, Online Advertising.


Co-owner / Programmer
PHP [Symfony 2], MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress[Pro], WooCommerce, PrestaShop.


CorelDRAW, Flash, PhotoShop, Illustrator.


Junior Programmer
JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress.


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