Let me start by saying that we love doing custom web applications. To that end we created our own  Content Management System B-mod. At first we though about using an open source system but by trying them out we found that for us they lack in some areas, like security, PHP code usage in templates and lastly messy code. Of course its not to say they don’t have their own charms. Like a big community, good documentation and easy plugin installation that helps with programming very much. But still we like to make our own and thats why we took the features that we think are the best and put them in B-mod.

B-mod logo

B-mod CMS:

  • B-mod uses the Symfony 2 framework.
  • The design is simple for the user to understand and not get lost in all the settings they may not even need.
  • It can be tailored to suit any one.
  • Implemented with Bootstrap framework for easy front design (of course it does not mean you have to use it).
  • Easy role assignments ( user, admin, global admin).
  • Great gallery setting.

And so much more.

There are a lot of our customers who use B-mod and they are all happy with our system. We constantly fix bugs and update the system. And we hope that in the future it will be well know and liked.